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Special Offers on Hormann and Garador Retractable and Canopy doors

We are pleased to be able to offer high quality retractable and canopy garage doors manufactured by Hormann and Garador at discounted prices.  These doors have a full 10-year warranty on both parts and surface finish.

1. We can deliver retractable and canopy doors from both Hormann and Garador free within the orange area on the map.
2. We can deliver doors from Garador nationally for a 35 inc VAT charge.

DIY garage door installation map

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(Note: Hormann sectional doors can be shipped nationwide).  Contact us if you are unsure about these charges.  Delivery will be approximately two weeks after placement of order, although some doors are in stock and are therefore quicker.

The prices below include VAT are on a supply only basis, we would be pleased to quote for installation if you live in the orange area on the map.

The sizes below are the most popular sizes so if you need something in a different size then please call or email us for a quote, for example Garador have a 'made to measure' service.  

We sell garage doors from lots of other manufacturers (Cardale, Henderson, Apex, etc) so if you have a specific requirement then please call or email us for a quote - you can use our easy quote form which will prompt you to give us the correct info so you can give you an accurate price first time.

Hormann & Garador - Retractable and Canopy Garage doors

  Canopy garage doors Hormann garage doors  
Hormann: Horizontal (2002)    Vertical (2001)                   Georgian (2004)                            Marquess (2104)

              Georgian Hormann garage door
Garador: Horizon                         Carlton                          Georgian 

Powder coated galvanised steel doors finished in white or brown - these doors are fully finished and do not need painting.  They come with a comprehensive 10-year warranty that covers both parts and surface finish.  In our opinion this is the best built canopy and retractable garage doors on the market.  Available pre-fitted to the steel frame - see prices below.  Single doors: 25 for a brown door (7' and 7'6" wide only), 70 for other colours, add 45 for four-point locking security upgrade (standard door has two-point latches). Double doors: 45 for a brown door, 120 for other colours.



Hormann Horizontal
Garador Horizon

Hormann Vertical
Garador Carlton

Hormann Georgian or Marquess
Garador Georgian
Cost of optional Steel frame
Door size Canopy Retractable Canopy Retractable Canopy Retractable

7' x 6'6"

350 389 400 430 500 528 85
7' x 7'


410 440 525 550 85

7'6" x 6'6"



415 450 563 582 85

7'6" x 7'

460 486 490 510 640 658 85

8' x 7'

469 495 525 540 681 700 85
9' x 7'
- 620 - 715 - 820 85
10' x 7'


780 - 770 - 940 130
11' x 7'
- 975 - 860 - 1075 130
12' x 7'
- 1030 - 900 - 1150 130
13' x 7'
- 1075 - 960 - 1250 130

14' x 6'6"

- 975 - 990 - 1220 130

14' x 7' or 6'6"

- 975 - 990 - 1220 130

15' x 7'

- 1223 - 1260 - 1477 130

16' x 7'

- 1310 - 1360 - 1550 130

Notes on frames: Hormann doors have 75mm frames on retractable doors, canopy doors can have either a 60mm or 75mm frame.  Garador retractable doors have 70mm frames whilst canopy doors have 54mm frames.

Calculate the overall width on a Hormann retractable door 7' door = 2136mm + 75mm + 75mm = 2286mm
Calculate the overall height on a Hormann retractable door 7' door = 2136mm + 75mm = 2211mm

Other designs are available, other sizes are available.

!!!  Special offer  !!!     Reductions on Hormann Promatic and Supramatic E electric openers when purchased with a retractable or sectional door on a supply only basis.  Promatic 250 inc VAT and delivery, Supramatic E 295 inc VAT and delivery.

How to order:
Please call 01342 301811 - A deposit of 20% is required upon placing your order, a credit/debit card must be used; this can be done by telephone. We do not accept cheques for the payment of a deposit.

Supply only: If you wish to settle the balance by cheque then we require cleared funds prior to delivery. Payments by credit/debit card are due immediately upon delivery (not installation).

Supply and installation by AHA: If you wish to settle the balance by cheque then a cheque must be given to the installation engineer once handover has been completed. If your wish to settle the balance by credit/debit card payment please telephone the office the day after installation.  

Please call or email us if you have any questions.