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Sectional doors installed example

To give you an idea of what is involved with installing a Hormann Sectional door we have some images taken throughout the installation of a 7'x7' LPU40.

As delivered:

Building up the frame that fits to the rear face of the brickwork:

The frame mounted to the rear face of the brickwork - note the clamp used to hold it in place whilst fixing points are drilled and secured.  Note that the frame (and therefore the door) is wider than the brick opening - you do not have to order an exact size to match your opening width as long as you have the necessary clearance on each side:

Tracks and rear support strut are positioned and secured:

Close up of the support structure.  The Dexion brackets were used to give extra support for frame fixings that entered soft mortar with little structural strength: 

The spring assemblies are fitted - these take the weight of the door throughout the lifting cycle so that the doors feels light to lift:

A close up - the yellow line indicates that there is not tension yet in the spring, this is added at a later stage when all panels are in place:

First panel in position having had the bottom black rubber seal inserted.  The top roller has been fitted, a bottom roller is also fitted.

The second panel is fitted as is the handle.  Note the central hinge which adds support and strength:

All panels in position.  The spring assembles are now connected and tensioned:

... allowing you to open the door.  The door requires some adjustments to gain the correct sealing.  Locks were not fitted to this door as it was automated with a Liftmaster DC800

Job Done!!  Note that this opening is slightly higher than the door so a little frame shows at the top - a neat solution for non-standard openings:

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