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Sectional Doors

We sell a range of sectional doors from the following manufacturers to offer you a choice in both door specification and price; hopefully there is a door to suit all budgets.

Hormann (UK) Ltd, Sectional Door
SUMMARY: Large range of quality sectional doors at very good prices and excellent quality.  Available in uninsulated (LTE40), 20mm insulated (EPU40) and 40mm insulated (LPU40).
Check out our Hormann pages for pictures, sizing details and pricing.

CarTeck Sectional Door
SUMMARY:  Good quality steel 40mm insulated product available in white, colours and a choice of woodgrain finishes in a choice of surface textures.
Check out our CarTeck pages for pictures, sizing details and pricing.

More info on Sectional doors:
Sectional doors (made up of several separate horizontally hinged panels) fit to the rear surface of the front brickwork of your garage, and as such need a small amount of clear brickwork to the sides and top of your opening.  The entire door rises vertically upwards and then backwards into the ceiling space.  No door frame is required which increases the available drive-through width.   (Can be fitted between bricks with special brackets.)

Good security and good protection against the weather with sealing all around the door, doors with or without insulation are available.  Sectional doors are generally manufactured in steel although some specialist timber versions are available.

Easy to automate as any motor is suitable - a soft start/soft stop opener gives a real touch of class.  Sectional doors are easy to fit as the doors come in kit form and are assembled in approximately 5/6 hours.

If you are interested in a quote then check out our measuring up page which will help you to determine what you need to measure.