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SWS Seceuroglide Manual

SWS are a large European manufacturer of roller doors and have an excellent reputation.  Refer to the SWS UK website for full product specifications - the important information (will it fit? how much is it?) is repeated on this page.

SeceuroGlide Overview

Choosing the correct size
Brochure Download
Warranty Information
SeceuroGlide Prices
How to Order

SeceuroGlide Overview
A high security door but without the approval rating - same build as the Excel but without bottom slat anchors and can be fitted in a wider variety of locations and can have more options.  It uses a 77mm high, 12mm thick slat and has a 300mm roll diameter (square end plates) gives a drive-through height 350mm lower than the finished ceiling which enables the door to be fitted in many more garages than the typical steel roller doors.  

The SeceuroGlide Manual roller door offers good security as the door is held in 75mm Aluminium 'C'-shaped guides all the way down both sides of the door from floor to lintel and when the door is shut a very effective locking mechanism is automatically engaged in the middle of the curtain.  SWS roller doors have excellent draft proofing as they have a weather seal across the base of the door and thick brush-strips in the guides. 

See full manufacturers specification and product details on their website .

Also see pictures of an SWS Roller garage door being installed.

Tough webbing

Brochure download
You can view SWS' own SeceuroGlide sales brochure in PDF format.

Choosing the correct size
The door normally mounts to the inside rear face of the garage door opening but can be surface mounted within the opening if desired.  SeceuroGlide doors are supplied to your exact size requirements without a cutting charge. 

Fitting to the rear face of the opening (Face fit): 
Measuring the width
Measure the brick to brick opening width, add the two guides
i.e. 2286 opening plus 2 x 75mm = 2436mm (Overguide width = 2436mm)

Measuring the height
a) Measure floor to lintel, i.e. 2200mm, ensure that you have the clearance to the ceiling 300mm to accommodate the roll, if it is OK your guide height is 2200mm.  
b) If you do not have the clearance for the roll measure your floor to ceiling, i.e. 2450mm, take away the roll diameter, i.e.  2450mm - 300mm = a guide height of 2150mm.
* Drive-through height is 50mm less than guide height.

Fitting inside the opening (Reveal Fit): 
Measuring the width
Measure the brick to brick opening width and take away a tiny amount of clearance
i.e. 2286mm opening less 6mm = 2280mm (Overguide width = 2280mm)

Measuring the height

Measure floor to lintel, i.e. 2200mm, take away the roll diameter (300mm), 
i.e. 2200mm - 300mm = a guide height of 1900mm  
* Drive-through height is 50mm less than guide height.

Warranty information
SWS doors are built to take the wear and tear of life and they are able to provide an impressive warranty as long as the door is reasonably maintained:

5-year mechanical parts and material defect

Delivery time for an SWS door is approximately 2/3 weeks.  Delivery to UK mainland is included in the prices below.

Colours at standard charge: Burgundy, Brown, White, Light Beige, Fir Green, Navy Blue, Black, Silver Metallic, Anthracite, Graphite, Heritage Green, Ivory, Light Grey, Duck Egg Blue, Chartwell Green. 

Bottom and locking slats, along with guides may be a slightly different shade to the curtain.

SWS manual roller door coloursSWS roller door manual colours

Full box or half box enclosures
A half box or full box is not available with this product

Price list for the SeceuroGlide Manual roller doors:

VAT and delivery to UK mainland is included.  Deliveries to Eire, Northern Ireland, IOM and channel islands 50 surcharge.

SeceuroGlide Manual 
Basic colours, No box

"Overguide width" (Opening plus 150mm)






in mm



















Any queries - please contact us  

Optional items:
Full box or Half box covers: See prices above
Vision Slat - glazed (SeceuroGlide only): 12 per meter per slat

How to order:
Please call 01342 301811 - A deposit of 20% is required upon placing your order, a credit/debit card must be used; this can be done by telephone. We do not accept cheques for the payment of a deposit.

Supply only: If you wish to settle the balance by cheque then we require cleared funds prior to delivery. Payments by credit/debit card are due immediately upon delivery (not installation).

Supply and installation by AHA: If you wish to settle the balance by cheque, then a cheque must be given to the installation engineer once handover has been completed. If your wish to settle the balance by credit/debit card payment please telephone the office the day after installation.  

To order you'll need:

1. Payment for the deposit
2. Opening size width x height
3. Your choice of colour
6. Do you require any optional items? 

Please call or email us if you have any questions.