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Automating your garage door

Its easy!

Opening your garage door from the comfort of your car is as easy as changing channels on your TV.

"I feel like a millionaire" one of our customers said after DIY installing a new Hormann sectional door and electric opener.

The key issues to bear in mind when choosing your new garage door for automatic operation are:

1.  Ensure you pick either retractable, sectional or roller door types  More info

2.  Do not order a canopy door type

3.  Ensure that you have at least 40mm clearance between the top of you garage door and the ceiling or obstruction (some openers need slightly more clearance)

4.  Make sure you have electricity in your garage.  If you don't then we can supply a Promatic Akku which runs on a battery pack - one overnight charge gives you a month worth of standard use (350 inc VAT).

Our sister web site ( has details of selected professional standard electric door openers which are available for on-line ordering for retrofitting to existing garage doors.  We offer excellent discounts on the electric opener prices when ordering your new door and electric opener together.

Simply decide what door and electric opener suits you best and contact us for a quote.


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