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What materials should I choose for my garage door?

Having reviewed the characteristics of the different door types it is time to decide on the materials that would suit you best.  On this page we review each material giving the pros and cons of each. 

Comments on pricing differences between materials are a guideline only.

Steel Doors
Timber Doors
GRP Doors
ABS Doors

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Steel doors
An economical solution, Steel garage doors are galvanised for protection against the elements and come in a range of finishes:

Doors are supplied in gray primer for you to finish in your choice of colour.  A 40/50 saving can be made when purchasing a primed door but remember that you will have to purchase paint and will probably have to re-coat every few years.  Only worth considering if you are on a tight budget or want your garage door in a special colour shade.

Plastisol coating
A maintenance-free vinyl (Plastisol) protective coating for the outside of the door (usually primer finish on the inside of the door).  Available in a range of colours and smooth/textured finished depending on the manufacturer.  Plastisol coatings generally have a 10-year guarantee with some manufacturers using a special process (HP200) to give 15-years.

Powder coating
A powder coating paint finish for the door.  Available in a range of colours and smooth.  Some manufacturers (Garador & Hormann) powder coated doors have a 10-year guarantee.  These doors can be re-painted should the need arise in future.

Timber doors
The traditional beauty of natural wood gives a real touch of class to your garage door.  'Up and over' type doors are usually mounted on a steel chassis for strength, whereas side hinge doors are normally solid timber throughout.  Woods used by the manufacturers are solid Cedar and Marine Ply which are usually environmentally sourced.  You will of course need to maintain your timber door through the years as per manufacturers instructions.

Available pre-stained at the factory or unstained to allow you to match other timber on your property.  Timber doors typically attract a fair premium over an equivalent steel door.

GRP doors
Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP) may be the ideal answer if you would like a timber door but can't be bothered with the maintenance and care that timber needs.  Strong and durable these maintenance-free doors are available in smooth or timber effect in a variety of shades and 'species'.

Normally having a 2-year guarantee, GRP doors typically attract a fair premium over an equivalent steel door.

ABS doors
State-of-the-art impact resistant doors are built using modern, lightweight, yet highly durable materials.  Characterised by deep crisp panel detailing and medium gloss, maintenance-free, UV stable, white finish they are an ideal match if you have UPVC windows and doors.  ABS doors generally carry a 10-year manufacturer's guarantee and attract a 300 premium over an equivalent steel door.