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Getting a quote

Having reviewed each of the pages on the right you will hopefully have a clear idea of what you want - if not then give us a ring and we'll talk things over with you.

Note: Pricing for many door types are listed on this site.

1.  Choosing your door type - Retractable, Canopy, Sectional, Roller, Side Hinge - info
2.  Choosing the material - Steel, Timber, GRP, ABS - info
3.  Choosing the style - info
4.  Finding out what size is needed and if it will fit - eg: 7' x 6'6" or custom size - info

Hopefully you'll have scribbled some notes on the above issues already so drop us a line - contact us


What's it all about?...

Why get a new door?

Different door types

Different door materials

Different door styles

Measuring up

Automating your door

Getting a quotation

Placing your order

Note: In all cases we will need to know the following basic information:

  • Size of opening (width x height) - brick or frame

  • Whether you have a frame in good condition already in place, will be fitting a frame yourself or want your new door to have a frame pre-fitted (if available).

  • Your location - so we can determine if a delivery charge is applicable.