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What styles of doors are there?

There are many different styles and designs of garage door however it is a good idea to have a reasonable idea of what you would like before contacting us for a quote.

It would be fair to say that the popular designs are pretty generic and are made my most manufacturers, we have shown these below for the different door types.  Of course there are variations on each theme as well and just to make life complicated each manufacturer calls the same design by a different name!

Retractable and Canopy Doors
Sectional Doors
Roller Doors
Side Hinge Doors

What's it all about?...

Why get a new door?

Different door types

Different door materials

Different door styles

Measuring up

Automating your door

Getting a quotation

Placing your order

Retractable & Canopy Doors (single panel 'up & over')

The following are typical styles available in Steel, Timber, GRP and ABS:





Variation on Georgian






Sectional Doors

The following are typical styles available in:

Georgian with optional glazing


Roller Doors

Not much choice due to their roll up nature, however there are variations in profiles and colours:

Side Hinge Doors

Many of the same styles shown above are available for side hinge doors with variations to allow for two leaves.  For example: